Viable Alternatives

Our alternative investments offer a unique opportunity to diversify your portfolio outside of Wall Street.

Managed Risk

We operate like bankers by shifting risk and maximizing our probability of a profitable investment, keeping your money protected.

Always in Touch

Brokers treat you like a bother; Millennial treats you like a partner, keeping you continually informed of the status of your investment.

What We Do

Wall Street isn't the only avenue for achieving your financial goals. There is another way, one that offers more security, less risk and a better investing experience and you'll find it at Millennial Capital Management.

Most investors are familiar with traditional bank or Wall Street investments where an investor purchases a stock or bond on the expectation that the assets value will rise or provide an income stream. While there is a place for traditional investments, the small investor is subject to serious disadvantage to the larger investor/traders. Investors in this space pay full retail, pay a significant portion of the total return in fees, and have no advantage compared to the other investors in the market. We believe everyone should consider alternative investments for a portion of their portfolio to remain diversified and balanced.

Our alternative investments are carefully selected to help grow your portfolio in a methodical systematic way that also benefits small businesses, communities, and the environment. Since we control the investment and the investing criteria, we can mitigate most risks upfront paving the way to a successful outcome. Our investments are typically insured, any insurance proceeds are delivered directly to us, can you say that about your stock investments? After all, you insure your home, your automobile, your life, your health, and your possessions - why not your investments?

Its not easy to deviate from the talking heads on TV claiming to be experts, the typical stockbroker or even your own parents advice, but if your investing results are not what you want them to be, its time to take matters in your own hands. Be a courageous investor by setting a new course for your financial future don't leave your entire financial future in the hands of a fee generating Wall Street insider, experience the difference of working with a competent, experienced investing team with a proven plan that actually cares about your financial future.

We are experts at designing, evaluating, and managing alternative investments, if you portfolio needs predictable income derived and secured by physical assets we can help.


What We Don't Do

We are not investment advisors, we do not offer investment, tax, or legal advice. 

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Were not your average investment firm, and we're proud of that. Learn what makes us different from the big guys.

Alternative Investments

What do we mean by alternative investments? Explore the unique investment opportunities offered by Millennial.

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