Look at the image below, what do you think it says?

Jumping to Conclusions



If you said "Jumping To Conclusions" you would be like most, your brain is conditioned to fill in the gaps when information is missing.  When making investment decisions this automatic gap filling can be hazardous to your wealth.  Many financial experts jump to conclusions on what products or investments are best for you, and likewise you jump to conclusions on the performance, risk, appropriateness and value of those investments.

Many investors never consider alternative investments as a viable option to a balanced portfolio because their investment adviser does not present them (gap).  If you have jumped to the conclusion that alternative investments are not good because they are not offered in traditional wall street offerings, I suggest you become an informed investor and make your own determination.

The phrase that was partially covered up is revealed at the bottom of this post. Now I will  bet you were quite confident of your answer prior to having all of the information revealed. If you were incorrect on this simple phrase, how incorrect are your perceptions on your investments?
If you would like a clear understanding of the world of investments and how you can take control with more information let us know, we would love to help you see the full picture.



Jumping to conclusions 2

On the Radio

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Our New Name for the Next Millennia

Exemplar Capital Management is now Millennial Capital Management. We feel this change better describes our position in the market place. We are looking further down the road at our investments, our investors, and our customers. Many of our clients and an increasing number of our team members are from the Millennial generation. 10 Years from now the largest generational group in the country will be the Millennials ranging in age from 28-45.

This generation grew up in a world in which advanced technology is an everyday experience, where working in teams is the norm rather than the exception. They desire meaningful work, not just a paycheck. They do not want to observe, they want to actively participate and have their opinions considered. They want to create positive change in the world. Our firm has always held these same beliefs, the name change fits our collaborative culture and our desire to provide and exceptional experience for our investors and clients.



My Simple Rules for Startups

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