You’re Where You’re at Because of Your Best Thinking

Your status in life regarding your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial conditions are exactly where your best thinking has taken it.? .? That is a hard pill to swallow sometimes, your best thinking got you to where you are now!?? If you have room for improvement in one or more of these areas, you might consider how to think differently

The allure of being wealthy feeds an industry of self proclaimed wealth creation experts providing tips, techniques, systems, and strategies for building wealth. There are dozens of late night TV infomercials that claim to have the answer to your financial success. The wealth creation success rate of those programs is very low, even though many of those programs contain great information and strategies. The single biggest reason for failure is the person responsible for implementing the system. (think about that for a minute before continuing)

Your money mindset has everything to do with your current wealth status, most of us are held back by a negative money mindset, or a negative identity to wealth.? As with anything important, there are internal and external forces, thoughts, and trained or learned behaviors. The external is what you are doing and the internal is what you perceive the truth to be.? Making money is far more emotional than it is technical, most people think they need a new trick, a tip, special access to inside information, or other advantages to gain wealth, nothing could be further from the truth, while those may work, they only work temporarily. The internal conversation you have with yourself will determine your wealth success or failure.

Many Psychologists believe that you are value programmed (i.e. the values you carry subconsciously) between the ages of 6-12 and you are programmed based on the messages you heard in environment in which you were raised.? For example when you were younger, do you remember your parents talking about money? Did they say things like we cannot afford it or thats only for rich folks?? Or did they say things like we save 10% of everything we earn and invest in our future, this is only a temporary setback we will be fine or our investments are really performing well.? Were you told to go to school and get a good job or were you encouraged to chase your entrepreneurial dreams.? Statements like these influence how we perceive our worth in relation to money. No external trick, tip or strategy will overcome that; you must change your mind set by creating a new money winning identity if you want to be wealthy.


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