Quit Now and be a Winner

In today’s society, most people are overwhelmed, taking on far too many projects, tasks, and being involved in worthless time-consuming activities.  We are conditioned to always say yes, and accept more tasks and commitments.  We are told taking on more will challenge us, prove our dedication to the cause, and force us to grow.  This badge of dedication we earned through taking on so many extra responsibilities is one we wear proudly, and becomes part of our identity.  Some may even believe that by saying yes to every single extra task, a subconscious aspiration of being popular will be fulfilled, because they become the go-to guy or gal.  It feels good to be the one everyone comes to for solutions.

However, a crucial element of success is the ability to navigate the convoluted territory of saying, “No.”  Although there are things you must do, it is important to discern between what items you must do, what you want to do, don’t have to do, and what you can say no to.

The word “no” used correctly adds power to your endeavors, and is not used as often as it should be when determining which activities, tasks and commitments you will be directly involved in.  This little, two-letter word has the wonderful ability to set boundaries and guidelines, clarifying what you will or won’t do.

In a “yes-man” society, the word no can have a negative connotation.   Saying no doesn’t mean you’re not a team player or selfish, but in reality, saying no allows you to hone in on your key priorities and be more productive.  It’s impossible to do it all, so identify your priorities, and execute them well.

In addition, saying no can be quite liberating, allotting for time to pursue your goals, and spend time the way you want to.  If you are so bogged down with commitments, you will not have the time to properly dream or think about your goals.  Saying no also leaves more time for sleep, exercise, and time for people you enjoy.

Furthermore, saying no increases the value of your yes.  When you use more discretion about what extra commitments you are willing to take on, when you have the ability to say yes, it will be incredibly valued.

“Busy” is a false sense of accomplishment.  Stop the addiction to busy, and instead be committed to do more of the right things.”  Quit what you can, say no to things you don’t really need to do, and pursue your ambitions.  Be a quitter of commitment to frivolous activities, and win!

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