Leverage Provides Power you Cannot Produce on Your Own

Leverage provides power you cannot product on your own.  It can be used in many areas of your life, financial, physical, mental, relationships, technology, business, and the list goes on….

If you desire it to become extremely successful, leverage is the easiest way.  You must leverage other people to do the work that you can delegate, you must create clones that can do most of the work you do and achieve similar results, freeing your time to focus on only the most important items that cannot be delegated.

Here is a story (told by a colleague of mine) of 2 very successful shows in Las Vegas. Both of them were blockbusters and entertaining sold-out audiences every night.

Both shows were family-friendly and both had specialized theaters built for them, named after their shows...but there is a major difference in how the story ends and why leverage made the difference

You see, one show immediately closed after a tragic accident on stage and the revenue from ticket sales and souvenirs came to an end, it is hard to even find a reference to that show any more. The other show is flourishing worldwide and is now a multimillion dollar company.

So which shows am I talking about?

The first show is Siegfried and Roy. They created an amazing long running show of magic and illusion featuring their famous white tigers. They had a lifetime gig doing their show at The Mirage in Las Vegas, until that fateful day in October of 2003,when Roy was mauled by one of his tigers.

They had made no other contingencies they had used no leverage. Now the show is closed down and their business is gone. When is the last time you heard anything about this show?

And that second show?.... The Blue Man Group.

Maybe you've heard of them or remember the Intel ads that featured them. It's a group of 3 guys painted  blue from head to toe, who splash paint, make sounds and splat stuff out of their mouths. Do you know their names?  If you saw them on the street unpainted would you recognize them?

This group currently performs live in New York, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, Berlin, and Tokyo plus frequent tours to other cities. How do you think they are able to be in all those places at the same time?  They can’t, they have leverage themselves by training others to do what they used to do, yes I said used to do.  The original members don’t even perform any more, they are busy growing their business and cashing checks.

This is massive leverage and you can do the same.



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