Go Bold or Go Home

Have you ever taken the time to observe who is the most respected and successful person in a particular setting? Do you ever wonder how they rose to that status or success?  Do they sit passively on the sidelines waiting for others to do things for them?

The people who have the most respect and receive great rewards are the people who act boldly. To clarify, to act boldly does not mean you are a bully, rude, arrogant, or insensitive.  Instead, people of boldness consistently push themselves out of their comfort zones in order to try new ideas, and attempt to reach seemingly impossible goals.  Although most people cower at the idea of attempting to reach a rather impossible goal, bold men and women are willing to take strategic risks, and in return, many find success.

You may be thinking, or have heard others say, “I wasn’t born brave, and can’t seem to take risks like other successful businessmen and businesswomen.”  Even though you may experience such defeating thoughts, there is good news!  Boldness isn’t an inherited trait, but rather a calculated, tactical approach to the situation or opportunity at hand.   It’s simply a character trait you can strive to develop when you are confronted with conflicts and opportunities.  Once you have decided upon your path, and are willing to take a risk, work towards it aggressively.

Take for example the classic story of David and Goliath.  The entire Israelite army exuded a spirit of timidity, and initially refused to fight Goliath because they knew it meant certain death. However, David, an unimportant and measly shepherd boy, volunteered to fight Goliath, a nine-foot giant.  Amazingly, David won the fight.  As a result of David’s boldness and bravery, he earned the respect of his people, and eventually become king.  Had David not acted with boldness and took a risk for what he believed to be right, the story may have had a different ending.  This goes to show that you don’t need be the strongest, the wealthiest, the fastest, etc. in order to take bold action.  It is often ordinary people who display a sense of boldness, and come away with victory and achieve great success.

Dream big, challenge your comfort zone, and work towards success.  Bold dreams demand bold action, and it’s in the prudent, bold action that success lays.  Allow yourself to rise to the occasion, and surpass the life of mediocrity.  Go bold!

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