Millennial Funds™

Are you looking for a managed approach to alternative investing? One of our Millennial Funds ™ might be the financial solution you are looking for.

The Millennial Strategic Lending Fund 1

(accredited Investors only)

The Investment Strategy of the Fund will be to create a diversified portfolio of high yielding risk managed asset based loans by collateralizing and securing each loan with a correlated asset. The assets the fund managers have extensive knowledge and experience in will be a combination of real estate, pledged receivables, pledged revenue, pledged equity, or other generally acceptable collateral. The Fund expects to spread its risk geographically, by asset type, by property type, by duration of debt term, by exit strategy of each Fund Asset, and by investment size. The Fund will invest in a multitude of relatively small assets of varying types in order to 1) preserve and protect Investor capital, 2) provide a reliable income stream to Investors (both Note Holders and Members), and 3) diversify the overall risk to the Fund and its Investors.

The Manager and its principals have extensive experience in the "small balance" arena on both the asset and investment side of real estate and asset based fund operations. Its experience, business systems and methodologies, personnel, asset valuation capabilities, and track record in this real estate niche are the genesis and driver of the Fund's Investment Strategy.