Dee Ann started her career in the medical field. She was a registered nurse assigned to a high risk department in a major hospital. That experience uniquely qualified her to provide professional serves to the legal field as a legal nurse consultant. Dee Ann has worked for some of the top medical malpractice firms in the state of Arizona.

Dee Ann was also a risk manager for the largest hospital group in the southwest United States. There she analyzed many different situations, collaborated with many professions, and made recommendations to mitigate risky situations. Dee Ann was responsible for creating policy and provided continuing education to enhance the safety and risk profile of the operation.

Dee Ann's experience has uniquely prepared her for a risk management role in the financial services industry by applying the unique skills of a risk manager. Dee Ann has carried her knowledge of risk analysis into her financial/investor/lending career and takes the philosophy of principal protection as paramount by mitigating possible downside risks. Dee Ann is senior member in the largest private investor group within the United States.

Dee Ann currently resides in Chandler, AZ with her husband of 30 years, Dee Ann, and their 4 daughters and growing families.



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