Project-Based Lending (PBL)

Project-Based Lending

Investing in one-off projects can be a great opportunity to see a quicker return on investment and a faster rate of redeploying capital into new projects. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to get involved in unique projects that benefit areas and communities, as these projects can involve anything from the development of land for new business ventures, or the rehabilitation of historic buildings.

These projects are shorter-term with defined timeframes, giving investors a faster way to see their investment come to completion, and turn around and re-invest in a new project.

It's easy to provide project-based lending due to their short time frames, specific project parameters, and low loan-to-value scenarios. These provide investors a faster way to see their investment come to fruition.

What kinds of projects have we funded?

  • Collector car builds (some of which we have seen in the Barrett Jackson auction)
  • Yacht renovations
  • Residental property renovations
  • Commercial property renovations
  • Environmentally friendly demolition
  • International shipping of high-value cargo

Because of its quicker return on investment, project-based lending allows investors to speedily collect profits and re-invest in a new project.