shutterstock_228924496The number one problem real estate investors and small business owners face is funding. as current real estate investors and small business owners ourselves we know the frustration you face.  You have spent countless hours, money, and energy developing leads, negotiating contracts, analyzing deals only to fail at the last moment when you cant find funding or your funding falls through.  We are here to help you get those deals done.

Our unique approach and ability to quickly determine the compatibility of the loan request with our funding requirements provides for a quick response to our clients and borrowers, which is truly priceless in today’s complex lending environment.  Our process is simple, easy and reliable.  The timeline listed below shows our funding process.

Our loans are for Real Estate Investors and Small Businesses, our loans are always for a business purpose and to a state registered entity.

Our Current Loan Programs:

Transactional Funding - 24-48 hour term

Bridge or Project Funding- short term loan to take advantage of an opportunity

Renovate and Resell - Short term real estate loan to improve and resell a property

Revenue Based Financing - Get a small business loan based on Company Revenues

Proof of Funds

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