About Us

Our Story

Our story begins with our founder's own disappointing experiences with banks, Wall Street, and financial advisors. After many years of underperforming markets and being exposed to excessive risk, we have modeled the structure of Millennial after one of the oldest and most successful business models on the planet, banking. Banks have mastered the art of shifting risk to others. They hold all of the control, but take on little risk. This is the investing model we wanted for ourselves.

Millennial Capital Management has created exactly that: We take everything investors hate about banks and Wall Street brokers and turn the tables in favor of ourselves. For you, this means less risk, personable communication, and more opportunity for profit.

We do this by offering carefully-selected, high-yield alternative investment opportunities that provide consistent cash flow with risks mitigated. Our unique financing programs have built in provisions that shift risk and maximize returns. We care about our clients, their futures, their capital, and their families. Millennial treats every investor like a true partner. We get to know you and your financial goals so we can help you achieve the financial security you've always dreamed of.

That's us. Now, we'd love to hear about you.